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Eco-friendly Steam Cleaning Services

Edmonton Pressure Cleaners Ltd. has over 27 years of experience serving Edmonton and the surrounding area.

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Pressure Washing/Power Washing

Our trucks can help you clean up your building.

Oil Field Services

Let us clean your grimy oilfield equipment.

Industrial Steam Cleaning

We provide eco-friendly steam cleaning services.

Edmonton Pressure Cleaners: Powerful Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

The cleanliness of your facility affects the safety of your employees, the performance of your company and the impression you make on your customers. Edmonton Pressure Cleaners brings 22 years of experience in industrial and commercial cleaning to your job! 

We Take on Tough Jobs

Our fully-trained and qualified personnel are on call 24 hours a day to deal with any emergencies and come to your site in trucks that deliver the high pressure and temperatures required for thorough cleaning. From cleaning graffiti off your downtown Edmonton building to oil field services and the cleaning of heavy agricultural and industrial equipment, to the maintenance of sewers and public property, Edmonton Pressure Cleaners has established a reputation for completing the big projects that other companies cannot complete.

Personable and Timely Service

Edmonton Pressure Cleaners puts the pressure on grit, dirt and grime – not on our customers! All our work is guaranteed. Our knowledgeable and personable technicians will take the time to explain our process and answer any questions you may have. If the job will not meet our high standards, we will alert you immediately instead of wasting your time or resources. You can rely on our honest and experienced service. Call us today at 780-484‑8670 to book your appointment!


  • Steam Cleaning – Industrial

  • Pressure & Power Washing Systems

  • House & Building Exterior Cleaning

  • Oil Field Services

  • Specializing in Heavy Equipment & Building Exteriors

Customer Reviews

Performed Flawlessly

Edmonton Pressure Cleaners has performed fantastically for us in all manners of the jobs we've hired them to do. From providing state of the art equipment for our decontamination needs to having knowledgeable and informative staff, they were able to not only help us complete our projects more efficiently, but able to suggest other means to help streamline our cleaning processes.

Further, the capabilities of their equipment, specifically have a steam truck with two independent boilers, is unique to the greater Edmonton area and was extremely helpful in further optimizing our workflow. The equipment performed flawlessly and without fail, and was able to meet and surpass the technical requirements for our job to be completed properly, safely, and under budget.

David T.

Highly Recommend

When I needed a solution, Edmonton Pressure Cleaners came through for me. They were accommodating and very professional, and yet personable. The result of their work was exactly as I had hoped and beyond. I will certainly trust them for work in the future and highly recommend them for your needs.

David A.

Five Stars

Great work and great staff.

Burke H.

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